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Professionals in the industry of rat poison and pest control will be able to inform you of several golden rules as it is related to the control of mouse and rat infestations in a home which are frequently overlooked.


Here are a few of those rules:


Rat Poison

  • The inspection: You will need to carefully inspect your home in order to find where exactly the infestation is originating from. The typical signs to be on the lookout for will include marks which are left by the rodent’s oily hair and droppings of the rats. Also take note of damaged furniture and other structures. This will enable you to simply and quickly tackle the problem at its sources and origin
  • Identification: By taking into account the rat’s various identifying characteristics as well as by noting its droppings, it will be possible for you to determine which of the different species of rats you are dealing with. This will also then subsequently allow you to focus your efforts on the correct tactics in order to eliminate the problem completely. Rats and mice have very different and specific patterns of behaviour which needs to be controlled with different approaches
  • Sanitation: By getting rid of the food sources of rodents this will be a key aspect of your success of the fight against the rodent. Food, garbage, or feed has to be stored in sealed containers outside of vegetation and debris, and especially where it will come in direct contact with buildings, it should also be removed. Additionally you will need to attempt to reduce any water sources where the rats will find sources to drink from such as fountains, ponds and stagnant pools
  • Applying rodenticides: Use rat poison baits in order to eliminate the rodents from your property. There are various rat poison and rodenticides available onthe market to choose from which will help you to effectively get rid of most types of rodents from your home

These are only some of the tips you can follow to get rid of rodents inside your home. Contact Rat Poison for your FREE quote

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